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The concept of GameChanging applies to every fieldof endeavor. There are leaders, followers and those who are rooted to the spot. GameChangers lead. The position of leadership has great advantages in business and invariably leads to success – but it’s difficult to obtain, and in the competitive world, requires vigilance to stay ahead of the pack. The Real Estate Sales Industry is a great example.

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases most of us will ever make. Using the wrong real estate agent can be a costly error. As the Celebrity Experts® in this book constantly mention, no buyer or seller should leave such a major transaction to chance. These Celebrity Experts® – experienced agents – advise you to find a knowledgeable agent that will best represent your interests in any real estate transaction.

The Real Estate agents in this book discuss a variety of methods to maximize your outcome in a real estate transaction – whether you are an agent or a client. Who better to listen to than someone who has been down the same road many times before? Read their suggestions and advice and make your own decisions. Learn from a GameChanger!

I am beyond honored to have been able to take part in such an incredible opportunity as to write this book! You, my clients, made this possible.

“Raul Arriaga, President and CEO of Arriaga Group, recently ranked on the Amazon.com best-seller list with the new book, Real Estate GameChangers, co-authored with Jay Kinder and Mike Reese.”

Quilly Award Winning book – It was truly an honor to receive a Quilly Award for co-authoring the best selling book, Real Estate GameChangers!

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